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“Flexibility Challenged Mind: An Autistic Flow” is looking at a tough day through the eyes of an autistic characterized brain. The story takes place in a classroom setting. Michael, the main character, witnesses an action, becomes upset, and has the opportunity to be guided by the adults in charge to help him to feel supported, calm, and process the experience. This story will also guide an adult who feels unprepared when assisting an autistic student. The adult will become more self-assured when guiding a student with autistic traits.

Cherice TyRhonda Peagler has worked as a mental counselor since 2004. She has worked in the school environment for over 15 years. Cherice parents a child who was diagnosed with Autism before his kindergarten school year. Working in the counseling field, the school environment, and parenting her son, allows Cherice to help others through life’s challenges, celebrate the joys of life, and helps give others the tools needed to attempt to live a fulfilling life. A life that is healthy, happy, balanced, and productive. Cherice is also motivated by the idea of maintaining balance emotionally through life’s challenges. She would like to assist parents, educational staff and children with learning tools to help children sharpen problem solving skills, understand abstract concepts, manage confilct in a constructive manner, and maintain a healthy circle of influence. Cherice is also the author of two children’s books, “Candy Apples” (2021) and “Seeds of Faith” (2003). “Candy Apples” teaches about integrity, delayed gratification, and making positive choices. “Seeds of Faith” teaches not to give up while working towards a goal and having faith to achieve a goal.