Candy Apples

by Cherice TyRhonda Peagler

Candy Apples is a story that helps sharpen the character of being honest, showing integrity, and

being content with delayed gratification. The story reminds the reader to not get weary of doing

well. If one can be trusted with smaller things, then one can be trusted with the larger things.

The main character, Cameron, will be challenged by his friends to make a choice going against

his principles taught. Cameron will get the opportunity to thoroughly process the situation being

presented and the reward or consequences that each decision may present.

About the author

Cherice TyRhonda Peagler, who works as a mental health clinician and helps others through life's challenges, has completed her new audiobook "Candy Apples": a delightful and engaging tale of showing integrity and making moral choices.

Cherice TyRhonda Peagler works as a mental health counselor. Working in the counseling field

allows her to help others through life’s challenges, celebrate the joys of life, and helps give

others the tools needed to attempt to live a fulfilling life. A life that is healthy, happy, balanced,

and productive. Cherice is also motivated by the idea of maintaining balance emotionally

through life’s challenges. She would like to assists parents and children with learning tools to

help children sharpen problem solving skills, understand abstract concepts, manage conflict in a

constructive manner, and maintain a healthy circle of influence. Cherice is also clear in the

manner that she lives that self-expression is empowering and inspirational to others. Cherice is

excited about using her writing as a ministry to inspire others to be the best that one can be

while having a personal relationship with God.

Cherice enjoys helping the reader to understand abstract concepts that are helpful to understand throughout life. Candy Apples focuses on integrity, delayed gratification, and decision-making skills.





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